For my sixth birthday, my parents surprised me with the gift of a piano, and I began taking lessons right away. My first teacher, Lore Pellegram, patiently put up with my refusal to count aloud for the first year or two of my lessons. Fortunately, she didn’t give up on me, so my musical career did not end at age eight. I went on to study with many other wonderful piano teachers, including Jane Miyamoto, Michiko Miyamoto, Randolph Hokanson, Alberto Rafols, Bela Siki, Gregory Allen, and Forrest Kinney.

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Washington (1980) and then did graduate work in Piano Pedagogy and Literature at the University of Texas at Austin (1980-1983). I began teaching piano while I was in high school and have performed solo and collaborative works in many recitals, auditions, and concerts since I began playing.

In addition to piano, I studied viola with Roberta McBride and played in school orchestras and Thalia Youth Symphony. I have also studied voice with Lisa Cole Allison, Thomasa Eckert, and Robert Lunte, and guitar with Ed Hale and Charlie Solbrig. In the past, I have sung with and accompanied community choirs (Seattle Peace Chorus and City Cantabile Choir). Currently, I enjoy performing by singing and playing cover songs and my own songs, both solo and with other musicians. I also accompany instrumentalists at recitals and other performances.

My other passions include travel, outdoor activities, and animals. In addition to traveling in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, I have spent time in Russia, Thailand, Fiji, Australia, Mauritius, South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, Italy, England, Scotland, and Hungary. I once sailed across the Indian Ocean as a crew member on a 65-foot schooner, and I have had two burros (small donkeys) as pets (but not on the sailboat). I also enjoy hiking, bicycling, swimming, camping, kayaking, and belly dancing.