• Why Play the Piano?
  • My Approach to Teaching
  • Lesson Policy

Playing the piano is a great way to…

  • Enjoy and express yourself.
  • Get to play some of the most beautiful and interesting music ever written.
  • Improvise and write your own music.
  • Share your talent and love of music with others.
  • Enhance your appreciation and understanding of music in general.
  • Build a firm foundation of musical knowledge and skills that will be helpful if you study other musical instruments.
  • Have opportunities to play with other musicians.
  • Challenge your powers of concentration and discipline, with fulfilling results.
  • Integrate body, mind, heart, and soul in a holistic, healing activity.

I customize lessons based on each student’s personality, learning styles, and interests. For all ages and levels, lessons include music theory, ear training, note reading/sight reading, piano technique, and repertoire, presented in an enjoyable and integrated way. Additionally, I encourage and guide students to improvise, arrange, and compose their own music, which broadens their musical experience and can maximize their enjoyment with playing. However, each student is drawn to styles and ways of playing that are unique to him or her. I focus on what is naturally most fun for the individual while including enough exposure to the other styles and skills that will help make them a confident, well-rounded musician.

As a teacher, I am patient, enthusiastic, supportive, and attentive to each student’s unique process of learning and discovery. I provide a relaxed yet focused environment for learning, and I constantly strive to serve my students by helping them achieve their musical goals.

Monthly tuition for weekly lessons is due the first lesson of each month in advance.

Lesson fees:

  • $30 per 30-minute lesson
  • $45 per 45-minute lesson
  • $60 per 60-minute lesson

Lesson times may be rearranged to avoid cancellations if at least three days’ notice is given.

Make-up lessons for last-minute cancellations due to illness or emergency will be scheduled at our mutual convenience.


The Anne Reese Piano Studio is located in Seattle, Washington, in the Meadowbrook neighborhood (North Seattle).